Tuesday, June 26, 2012

We're famous!

Operation Pollinator was written up on Turfnet.com!

The story!

It's not a perfect article.  I've participated in these things before for the lab, and they are always a little bungled.  I don't think that a single one of those quotes isn't heavily paraphrased.

Also, my Liberal Arts senses.  They tingle.  Writing is a skill.  I'm not trying to pronounce myself an excellent writer, I just wish that we had a few more technical writers that could piece together sentences with some degree of craft.

I see plenty of these excellent writers in the blogs that I regularly read, and I know many of them are scientists or work in a technical profession.  Why isn't this skill--a skill that is clearly evident through their non-academic writing!--something that is prized, slapped at the top of C.V.'s, and encouraged in scientific journals?

Academia, you slay me.

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