Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Wildlife update

An update on the wildlife situation in the Operation Pollinator plots.

You might recall that we have not one...

not two...

but SIX red-winged blackbird eggs in one of my Operation Pollinator plots.

And this happy week, all six eggs hatched into the UGLIEST CUTE LITTLE CHICKS EVER.

Dang, these things are nasty.  All exposed skin and eyesockets and giant mouths.  But also so cute.

birdmouths on Make A Gif
make animated gifs like this at MakeAGif

Can't wait to see them grow up over the next couple of weeks (months?).  I know very little about bird biology, so this is going to be really fun and informative.

The groundhog situation has not progressed.  He is still rearing his ugly, stupid head whenever we pull up, then darting back into his miserable hole.

Trapping attempts have been unsuccessful so far.

I will update you all on the groundhog menace as soon as we start to make inroads.

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